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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Here is a little longer version of what Nolan said,

-We got a chance to speak with Nolan after the screening, and he laid out his rationale for selecting Bane as Batman's chief adversary: "I tasked David Goyer (co-writer on the story) early on, when we knew the shape of our story, with looking for a worthy antagonist. We examined really all the possibilities, and what we were looking for was an archetype. What we were looking for was a character that embodied a threat that we hadn't dealt with before, that Batman hadn't dealt with before in our films.

"Bane is primarily a physical presence," Nolan continued. "He's threatening in a monstrous way and very frightening in a physical way, and that's why we went for him. We didn't want to do any kind of watered down version of the Joker, which a lot of those characters are, and we really found something in him. He's got incredible intelligence as well and a really fascinating backstory that we were able to draw elements from into our story. I'm very excited for the world to see what Tom Hardy has done with this, because he's created this unbelievably unique character."-

Nolan was saying that most of the villains in the batman universe doesn't present a physical threat to batman the way bane does. Joker didn't go after batman looking to destroy him. They were mind games. How many characters would have brought the type of physical presence such as bane did verse those who were more a mental challenge for batman to solve and bring down.

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