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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

NAME OF 1ST FILM: I wouldn't mind something along the lines of episode like titles like the from TAMS. Something that fits what ever the story is.

SERIES DURATION: I like to see them make as many quality films as they can. Kinda the same approach Nolan and Snyder are doing by making the best possible film they can. I would hope they will keep it kinda lose and not put themselves in to many binds. ( by not killing off the better or all the villains, ex like spider-man movies where they killed every villain but the sandman) Maybe doing quietly building or subtle in the background for future films.

BAT-SUIT: I really like the movie suits. (minus the bat nips)
I would hope the suit fits the world he is in. If anything I would like to see the armored like suit but being more flexible. The suit in TDK was a lot better with the head movement but it still looks so heavy, maybe something batman can be a little acrobatic in. I could dig New 52 like suit with cool gadgets.

ROBIN PARTICIPATION: I would set the serious where Batman is established and Robin is already there but an older. (As much as I liked the movie Kick-Ass I have a hard time seeing a 13 year old robin running around beating up thugs) I would try keep Robins participation is little to none in the first movie. I think it would be so cool to have a Robins Reckoning like spin off or side film to compliment a Batman film. If anything here if your doing a Batman has to be one of the main focus. But definitely do a Robin story where he is the main focus and Batman is support, that would be great. You could do a sequel where he becomes Nightwing.

JOKER PARTICIPATION: The Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time he as to come back in some fashion. A new series calls for a new actors interpretation of the character

GOTHAM CITY: I've like the more real looking Gotham like in BB, TDK, TDKR but even in the Burton movies I've never really had a problem. (Just not the Gotham from Batman and Robin)

ORIGIN STORY: Like I was saying earlier I wouldn't mind an established Batman, using flashbacks.

BATMOBILE: I dig the Tumbler, but I'd like to see a different. Something real world like the Tumbler but some of the TAMS design thrown in.

1st MOVIE VILLAINS: I liked the Nolan approach with having side and secondary villains through out a movie. In an established universe you could do any villains, and they way the joker was handled in TDK you don't really have to do a full origin story for the villain. The Riddler, The Penguin (Philip Seymour Hoffman would be awesome), or Black Mask. You could set up your crime boss(like Black Glove or The Penguin) and have side villains like killer croc. You could do a more tragic villain like Mr Freeze or Clayface where they have been driven by the mob to do what they do. You could build on a villain like Hush and go that route. The are so many possibility's.

DIRECTOR: I have no Idea who I would choose to direct, I would hope someone like Nolan could handle it. ( When I say Nolan, I mean someone that will take it seriously, that will try to make the best film they can make. I don't mean like the Universe where the more fantastic villains couldn't exist.)

I look at Nolan as I do with the comic book writers, Nolan had a Fantastic Run but it will soon be time for the next guy to take the reins. I look forward to it!

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