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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
I'm not for ignoring X3, but this argument frustrates me. X3 may be the highest grossing, but it also slowed down the growth of the franchise. And the box office gross can also be interpreted as higher exposure for an inferior product, resulting in a damaged reputation.
At the time X3 was released, it was clearly intended to slow down the growth of the franchise. It was called 'the last stand' after all!

The intention at that time was to finish the trilogy - in a fairly conclusive fashion- and focus on spin-offs and prequels, because the original films had become increasingly expensive and challenging (with an ever-increasing cast and the endless negotiations/scheduling to get everyone together).

Arguably, it wasn't the right decision, in hindsight. But what's done is done. And however much X3 is disliked, it exists as a movie and the most recent one featuring all the franchise's main cast members.

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