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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Aging Fangirl View Post
Based on the timeline, I must concede that Loki's idea of Thor being his brother had also changed drastically by then, but even so, he didn't have to appear before Thor and tell him what he did. That was intentional cruelty.
I agree. Another twist of the knife: "Mother forbids [your return]."

I think Chris Hemsworth is especially strong in conveying things with his eyes, and Loki's appearance there leads to two highlights for him imo: the grief over his father's supposed death, obviously. But later also at Smith Motors, when Sif says, "Thor. . .your father still lives." There is this ice cold look that comes over his face as he comprehends Loki's lie that I enjoy. (So my tip is to watch for that when you next view the film.)

Originally Posted by Aging Fangirl View Post
Here's a question I've wondered about (though it's probably already been discussed). Loki was well aware of how easy it would be to influence Thor. As clever as he was, it would have been so simple for him to rule from the sidelines. I wonder why he even bothered fiddling with the coronation at all? (And before you say it, yes I know it would have made for a much shorter movie. Just trying to follow his thought processes.)
(It has not been discussed, btw, thanks for the point)

It has been pointed out by others (maybe on another board, though), that Loki tends not to be a long-range planner. As a result, he sometimes finds himself in messes. So he may not have thought about how he could have set himself up as a power behind the throne.

I also agree with Elizah's point about how Thor at that point could be a bit of a loose cannon.

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