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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post
I'm happy that at least the fans appreciate the movie
Thanks for pointing that out.
I've been to many, many midnight premieres- I love being around the energy of fans who are so committed and enthusiastic- and I have never, ever experienced an audience response like the one for TDKR. Generous applause, yes (Return Of The King, Spider-Man II and Batman Begins come to mind), but there was a roar at the end of Rises that I can only compare to a football stadium when the home team scores a last-second touchdown to win. The celebratory atmosphere even spilled into the parking lot as all the theaters emptied. I've been to at least a dozen of these type premieres, and the TDKR experience was unique.
The determined criticism at these boards would lead one to believe that the film is, at a minimum, 'divisive' (a favorite term here), or somewhere on the continuum to outright failure. As for the near-fetishistic 'plot-hole' discussions, there may not be a film ever made that could withstand the scrutiny. Citizen Kane would have to be thrown on the ash heap after the first scene.

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