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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rise_- View Post

Just because he's not having Jamie Foxx running around in a yellow and green suit you're able to deduce all that?

Webb's a fan of the comics, just seems like he likes to lean towards to Ultimate comics, which I prefer and I have no problem with that. Electro doesn't have a yellow and green suit in USM either.

After all, Webb's movies are an adaptation of the source materials. Like Nolan's Batman movies. Webb and co are free to pick what they feel suits their version of the universe.

Want to see Electro running around in a yellow and green suit?

Here you go.

No, I didn't get "'all that" from this announcement. I didn't say it as you implied either, so quit trying to be argumentative over one person's perspective. And yes, Webb is free to do whatever he wants. But the consumer is free to move on too. Now clearly you will defend this man with your dying breath. So line up and buy the 4 inch $20.00 movie figures. Scream "It's the greatest movie of all time" before seeing it. And let someone else do the thinking. You're clearly locked in to 'sheep-mode' and can't articulate a open minded opinion that says, " I like this. I don't like that." Some people can evaluate without feeling like they have to fall on the sword for the director. Jesus. Get out of line and think for yourself clone.

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