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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

The Last Stand Is weakest of trilogy.Fans and critics agree on that.

They have given hints they are Ignoring The Last Stand.But even If they don't they are not going to spend time trying to connect It to DOFP.I also wouldn't put It past
Bryan Singer to say The Last Stand did originally happen but because of time travel plot the events of Last Stand are wiped out by end of DOFP while X-Men and X2 mostly remain Intact.

Keeping The Last Stand In Cannon means the following

1:Famke Janssen's cameo In The Wolverine Is dream or hallunication
2:The CUre and Xavier's mind In Twin won't be acknowledged on screen
3:Cyclops and Jean won't be In DOFP Inless the film ends with time traveer returning to future where events of Last Stand have been erased.

If they keep Last Stand In Cannon my guess would be Storm,Mystique,Rogue or Kitty,and Iceman or Colossus would be ones to Join Xavier,Magneto,and Wolverine In future with Sentinles.

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