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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
I kind of disagree there. I don't dispute that The Joker is the opposite of Batman, his perfect enemy and true nemesis. But Bane does have some qualities on the comics that make him an "evil Batman" of sorts. On Rises is more evident, whereas in the comics is a little more nuanced. Chris Sims, from Comics Alliance made an interesting analysis a year ago about Bane, and whereas some things could be a little far fetched, it makes some good points. I'll made a little summary below.

Batman is born into a world of privilege, receiving almost everything as a legacy from his father. Bane is sentenced for life on prison because to pay for his father's crimes, born to nothing except his athletic prowess and intelligence, traits he shares with Batman. Batman travels around the world to better himself, whereas Bane is confined to a small and hostile environment. Bane grows driven by vengeance to take what he wants without concern for those around him. Batman doesn't kill, whereas Bane would "kill for anything"....
The article is really stretching. Those "similarities" are surface level. There's several villains in Batman's rogues gallery who come from their parents influence or legacy.

Hush for starters. Then you have Prometheus. Deathstroke is another villain who is frequently referred to as an Anti-Batman. But the one who is most considered an Anti-Batman is The Wrath;

Often considered the purest Anti-Batman is the villain known only as The Wrath, who first appeared in 1984. The Wrath's origin is a direct criminal parallel to that of the young Bruce Wayne's. His parents were a pair of burglars he idolized heavily until they were shot by a police officer. Although the police officer had believed the two were finishing a robbery, in reality they had been simply skipping out on their rent. The Wrath grew up hating all forms of the law, and swore revenge against it in a matter almost exactly the same as Batman's War on Crime. The Wrath traveled the globe honing his mind and body to near perfection, before beginning a one-man worldwide vendetta against those claimed as heroes for working to uphold the law. He even adopted a costume nearly identical to Batman's. Although the Wrath added firearms to his arsenal, and other items for lethal force, he also came equipped with a utility belt, Wrath-vehicles, and an outfit essentially Batman's, but maroon instead of black, and embedded with a "W" instead of a Bat-symbol. In his first appearance in Gotham City, he came into conflict with Batman while he was attempting to assassinate Commissioner Gordon.[1] Although the original Wrath would eventually be defeated, his successor would later appear to fight Batman and Nightwing many years later as an act of revenge.[2] This Wrath would also be apprehended.

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