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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Deathstroke has no history with Batman,Bane is the closest thing Batman can have to Deathstroke.Deadshot deosn't have much history with Batman either,he only became a fan favorite after Suicide Squad his early years as a Batvillain are far from memorable.
You're wrong.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

This was years before Bane.

Riddler is a worthless jobber
As opposed to Bane, who is the poor man's Prometheus and was a gimmick character equivalent to Doomsday.

who only thrives on nostalgia,seriously all those Riddler supporters cant even come up with a decent story for him,especially not one which could logically follow TDK.
Dark Knight, Dark City
His appearances from Detective Comics from the 820's-890's
Riddle Me That
Run Riddler Run
Arkham Asylum/City

Strange is dull and boring
Batman: Prey
Arkham City

Black Mask is a poor mans Red Skull
Red Skull= WWII era superpowered Nazi scientist
Black Mask= Ruthless crime boss

Oh, I get it, because they have similar masks. That makes Bane a poor man's Spawn.

Penguin LOL.

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Well then the comics beat him to the punch,cause Bane did hijack Gotham with the League and a nuclear reactor.
No he didn't. Ra's Al Ghul intended to poison the populace of Gotham through biological warfare, Bane assisted him for a short while. Bane intended to irradiate the city.

As someone pointed out it comes down to archetype,Bane best represents the anti-Batman,Joker best represents the gimmick villains,Ra's best represents the masterminds.
Ra's has been outsmarted by Riddler, see Hush.

So you're wrong,Bane is in an entirely different class of villains as compared to Ra's,Riddler on the other hand is rightfully a watered down Joker.
No he's not. Ra's is as smart as Bane, he's as physically adept as Bane. Plus, almost every villain is an aspect of Batman gone too far:

Ra's- Taking justice too far
Two-Face- Having one personality dominate another
Joker- The chaos caused by Batman being all he causes
Riddler- Taking his brilliant mind too far
Scarecrow- Fear as a crippling weapon rather than tool
Bane/Wrath/Prometheus- Inverse of Batman's motivations

They are all the Anti-Batman

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