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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
It makes it a pretty poor character arc.
The thing is, that wasn't his character arc main asset. The main point was lost into the cut scenes. The problem Captain America was facing in the film was that he was a "fish out of water", and all the emotional consequences he had to face. But I agree, that those scenes not being in the film, hurts Captain America character.

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
He was wrong. He said Tony wasn't a hero, and he meant it in a disparaging way.
Of course he was wrong! After all, he didn't really know Tony, the same way Tony didn't know Steve. He was also wrong about him. We must take Thor's line "You people are so petty and tiny" in the same way?. They were being influenced by Loki's scepter. However, Steve does make a point about Tony.

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
And fails to back it up, getting so thoroughly beaten, and in the end needs Iron Man's help.

Old German dude also stood up to Loki. As does Tony in the end.
That only elevates that old german dude, not undermines Captain America in any way.

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
You highlighted the wrong portion.

You can listen to other people without being a good leader.

Not everyone who listens to other people is a leader.

At the end of Iron Man 1, Pepper listens to what Tony has to say about the tech stuff. Does that mean Pepper should lead the Avengers?
That doesn't exclude Captain America from being a leader is what I'm getting at.


A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended.

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