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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Since I seriously doudt they announced Patric stewert so early for just appearing at end
we have 2 opotions here
1utright Ignorign the Last Stand from the outset
2:It's Xavier's mind In twin body but not mentioning It on screen
However, Stewart did say he didn't know he was in the movie until Bryan announced it. Bryan wouldn't just commit Stewart to a major role without first checking with him.

I'm one of those who didn't mind any of the continuity problems in FC... I thought most of those would not arouse any suspicion in the general audience. BUT having a living Xavier in this next movie would be too far. Audiences don't notice/care about stuff like Xavier walking in X3 yet being paralyzed in FC, but I do think they'll remember that he died in X3.

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