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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by squeekness View Post
I agree that there is an oversaturation of Wolverine. Not just that but since he is so spread out most of those stories either have him outof character or they are just weak and offer no real development. His story really hasn't moved much lately, more like him going around hacking people or taking most of the cannon fire in a fight because the writers know he can't get really hurt.
I agree that he is all over, but that is not the characters fault....right? Marvel does need to use him better - and more consitantly. I like the vision or Remender and the writer who will be writing the new Wolverine series - the old Claremont version of Wolverine is the one I enjoy reading. Not the cannonball in the face version that some write him as.

I hope Bendis will do him justice.....I hope.

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