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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Your words.
And categorically incorrect, anyway --- XMFC is *not* a reboot, but a prequel; and Raimi had every intention of and was already planning an SM4, but Sony thought he was moving too slow and pushed for the reboot. And in both cases, the "third act" movies were by far the most successful at the box office in their respective franchises. Not much of a "third act curse" in either franchise.
oh my gord. You know what the curse is! do I seriously need to explain it to you?

Spider-Man 2 = Great movie ... Spider-Man 3 = terrible in comparison
X-Men 2 = Great movie ... X-Men 3 = terrible in comparison
Batman Returns --> Batman Forever
Superman II --> Superman III

Nothing to do with their box office numbers. Most movie-goers, comic book fans and HUMAN BEINGS consider those movies to be awful. That's the third act curse.

do your damn homework. Its a turn of phrase. Do you know how many of Shakespeare's plays have 4 and 5 acts? What I said has nothing to do with the finality of a series. But generally speaking, when the third one is that bad, they probably hesitate (or at least they should hesitate) to make a fourth. For fear that it turns out like Batman and Robin, Superman IV or Wolverine: Origins.

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