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Default Re: Final page of ASM 698 is now online...

Originally Posted by Aracno_8000 View Post
Dan Slott did a good work on the amazing spiderman series...and even if i think peter should be spiderman, i am realistic and i think that after 700 adventures, peter needs a break...but some times this Break is too much radical...and if i think that in the ultimate universe bendis killed off peter just to introduce a new story with a different guy, i also think that peter parker of 616 universe deserve a different, honorable end...i mean: in Ultimate, peter could have been Miles mentor, or at least be alive and taking a different direction in his life (after all, there are only 160 stories with ultimate peter parker, vs the 700 for TASM), i just think that All Spidey writers are against peter..i just feel like that :3

Tobey Maguire reaction to The Amazing SpiderMan new Movie Loooool
You make some very good points. I don't know if Peter needs to really take a break....but he is one of the characters that has been in multiple comics every single month. So maybe its the writers that need to take a break....

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