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Default Re: The Official Superman Fan Art & Manips Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by Midnight Black View Post
They need to rush it. If they follow the Marvel formula it will be 2015/16 when we finally get a JL movie. They need to go ahead and make a JL movie planned for mid 2014 to early 2015 and then do the standalone films after that.

There are too many heroes to make standalone films for a JL movie. JL movie needs to come out, introducing a new Batman and not Nolan/Bale's Batman.
I'm not demanding stand alone films for every hero. Just a World's Finest/MoS 2 type of movie. Continuing to establish Superman in this grounded world before leaping into cosmic and more "out there" stuff. Hell as it seems, Superman might just have been accepted at the end of MoS, I want a continue of that story, a stand alone Superman or a World's Finest adventure, before going to the next step. Just push JL to 2016 and make a World's Finest for 2015.

Then again I'm coming from a Superman-fan point of view. And if it were down to it I would rather take a great Superman franchise than a JL universe.

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