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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
Mad Hatter next. Always been a fav. Plus the name Mad Hatter simply love it.

Don't know what story would suit todays audience if Hatter was picked any thoughts?

Hugo Strange & Mad Hatter? Jonathan Nolan expressed a wish for Mad Hatter before TDKR began. I wonder if he will be around for a new film?

Other than him I've kinda gotten a soft spot for Manbat after seeing the deleted scene from Batman Forever. that large bat like creature in the cave was a sure Manbat idea if ever I saw one.

Penguin, Riddler okay with that too.

Never liked Mad Hatter at all. They could do something disturbing with him but i would only be OK with it if it was a really smart part, otherwise i could go the rest of my life never seeing him on screen.

When did Jonathan Nolan express wanting Madhatter? I find that hard to believe.

Man-Bat is another character i can care less about. Just another Conners/Lizard arc done over again.

I would hope that they use Clayface whenever they decide to use Hugo Strange. Poison Ivy & Scarecrow (OR Black Mask) is another good pairing.

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