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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
And hi back, Loganbabe! I hope you get to go to London and see the play...and maybe take lots of pictures and post them at JAM or here???
Hopefully! I bought a ticket for the play, but that was easy...the difficult part is, well, the whole rest.

I'm excited for WttP. The script was chosen as on of the best unfilmed British scripts in 2011, and critics praised a lot Eran's last film, the really low-budget "Shifty". Knowing James, I know how he chooses his scripts carefully, so I expect characterization and an interesting story, not only bullets flying around.

That's a good point--I do get sick of the blue tint as well, but if it's done right and the movie's story/dialogue is good, I can go with the flow.
Hmmm...maybe, but I think that the blue tint is an interesting stylistic choice - "Neon noir", as Eran calls it. I bet it'll look beautiful on the big screen. I'm really curious to see how it'll work.

And, yeah, it's been toooooooo long since James' last film!

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