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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Personally, I'm of the philosophy that you should be able to differentiate from your expectations and the actual quality of a film.
I agree completely. Personally I think that original poster is still in over-reactionary mode because the film is still fresh. And when a film is fresh, it's hard to separate the quality and expectations.

I was very let down with TDKR, much like he was. But I wouldn't EVER say it was worse than Batman and Robin. That being said, I understand why he put it down there at this point.

As a film, TDKR was, IMO a 7.5. When you take into account the expecations built up by its predecessor, you decrease it by the difference. I expected it to be a 9 (better than Begins, not as amazing as TDK), it was actually a 7.5. Take that difference, I'd say the reactionary rating is a 6.5.... still WAY ahead of Batman and Robin.

Wolfman didn't have those predecessor to compare it to or build expectations off of, so that formula doesn't apply here. That movie was in the planning process for YEEEEARS. It's a classic, epic story that has survived the passage of time. We got a comedy. Wolfman SHOULD have been a modern classic. Instead, we got kicked in the face. As a film, it was a 3.5, AT BEST. With those expectations, it gets a AT BEST. That movie was a complete joke. But that's a different issue. Sorry for the aside.

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