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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Agrian 5
Sixty-Five Light Years From Earth

The planet of Agrian 5 is among the best and brightest locations the galaxy has to offer. Since time immemorial, the smartest sentient lifeforms in the known universe have sojourned to the planet in search of further learning from the prestigious universities. The biggest name in galactic history have all passed through Agrian 5, first as students then later instructors. Sidneck the Smart, Gilldun the Genius, Ix the Intelligent, and Zalik the Equally Smart but With No Alliterative Synonym For Intellect That Starts With a Z, This Will Have to Do; they have all made their marks on Agrian 5.

So, when Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four traveled to Agrian 5 on vacation, Reed was a bit disappointed that his name would not be included among those celebrated minds. In fact, a half hour into their visit to Agrian 5, Reed had accidentally caused a lynch mob to form and chase after him and the rest of the Four.

"What have you gotten us into this time?" Ben growled as he ran alongside Reed. The Four raced through Agrian 5's spaceport towards their spaceship. Behind them, a gaggle of theoretical physicist chased after them with clubs and laser weapons.

"It's not my fault!" Reed yelled. "All I did was explain that their quantum mechanic principals were flawed. I was just trying to help."

"You unraveled their entire mathematical system," Sue said. She threw up a small forcefield and blocked a rock thrown by a rioting mathematician. "Thousands of years of logic and reasoning down the drain."

"I didn't know that would happen. And besides, if I could undo all that in just a few minutes, their system wasn't that sound, was it?"

The Four took a corner and rushed into the airlock where their ship was docked. While the rest of the team rushed in to prepare for takeoff, Johnny waited outside the airlock.

"Back, nerds!" Johnny shouted, flaming on and sending up a wall of fire. The murderous scientists stopped short of the flames and skittered backwards. The fire nipped at their pants and shoes as they ran for safety.

Johnny killed the flames and jumped into the airlock. A minute later, the spaceship was quickly leaving Agrian 5's orbit before the planet's police service could be dispatched to detain them.

"Preparing to warp back to Earth in ten seconds," Ben announced from the pilot's seat. "Some vacation this turned out to be."

"Yeah, Reed. The one planet we get to go to, and it's full of geeks. And not the hot, sexy librarian kinds either."

"Well, Johnny, at least we can say we learned a valuable lesson from all of this."

"The lesson?" Sue asked, her eyebrows raised. "If there's one thing theoretical physicist can't stand, it's a smart ass."

With that, the spaceship leaped into warp speed and disappeared from Agrian 5's orbit.

Across the void and expanses of the galaxy, a solitary figure had watched the events on Agrian 5 play out. They had watched that, and the past few months, they had watched every move the Fantastic Four had made. They had watched and waited, as they had always done. But now, they had to make a stand. It was time for The Watcher to finally act.

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