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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
Considering this is a fan community...yes it is very different. You completely miss the point. But whatever.... i dont think you need to worry , you can trash the movie every day. There's room for everybody.

I prefer to dedicate myself to stuff that gives me pleasure. Discuss what i enjoy . You don't. Its your right. I find someone ranting over the same stuff over and over and over in a place where people gather to talk about what they liked....disrespectful. I dont behave like that. You think otherwise. Its also your right.

There is a lot of users here who disked the movie but dont have that sort of behavior (im not telling its you or anything). But there's some guys here who behave in a very negative creepy way.
I think it is you who doesn't understand....I don't think a fan community has to be a place where everyone loves everything about the subject. I don't think not liking aspects of said subject, maybe a particular film, discredit people from being fans. It's not black and white. I think most of us people disappointed by TDKR are huge fans of BB and TDK, and also find things to enjoy in TDKR.

TDKR is a very frustrating film for me. I love the film in a very visceral way. If I don't think too much about it, I can enjoy it a great deal. But I can't just do that. At some point I start wondering about character motivations, the execution of certain moments, the writing....I cannot just let that pass, because I care about this franchise, and I wanted this to be a perfect trilogy. It certainly had the potential to be. I want to discuss this stuff, maybe even as a way of venting that frustration.

Clearly the fact that not everyone in the Hype loves TDKR in its entirety annoys you terribly, and maybe you're the one who needs a break from these boards. It's obvious that you can't take the criticism, and it's not particularly healthy for you to keep on reading all of this, is it?

Please point out what this creepyness that you're talking about actually is.

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