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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
At least I keep my words to a minimum
Ok. Are you saying you don't have a lot to say except stuff like "Great post. I agree" several times in a row? Because having little to say in each post isn't necessarily a good thing. Nor a bad thing either, but you say it as though it's something moral or right.

and at least I'm not going across multiple threads within a forum complaining and whining about why they didn't like TDKR.
Read the top of this forum; do you see the words 'fan club' or 'positive comments only' written anywhere? I don't.

If you think anyone is infringing rules by complaining about the movie then report them. If that doesn't work for you then put the users complaining on ignore if it's bothering you that much. Either option is better than complaining about the complaining wouldn't you say.

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