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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Surely everyone of us would love that.
Oh I know it to be true.
Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
I don't think David Goyer can write that fast though. Nor Hans Zimmer can compose that fast. Plus it would be a rush job for Snyder. Do we think the 3-4 year gaps was important for the quality of Nolans TDK trilogy? As in gave them enough time to really form and consolidate ideas of where best to take it, y'know what I mean.
I totally agree. It was pure magic lamp type thinking. Jackson already had the story written for him. However, I'm sure in the 3-4 years it would take for the sequel to hit theaters he could pump out two stories. I trust they've kicked around some ideas... I mean at least... For follow ups. It's not like Goyer and Nolan don't have 75 years worth of stories to help them out. That's just a thought.

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