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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Power levels should be relative... you raise something relative to the floor, so he should be able to raise anything relative from the earth (flying)...

Superman's power level can and should be INFINITE.... No way to put a limit on it.. Yes god like...

The limit to his power MUST come from the situation... not convenience.... but the situation.

For instance... Superman returns:

The plane... if he flies too fast he could move so much air that he would actually push the plane farther away....

If he stops the plane too fast he can rip it apart.

That is why he struggles... He should struggle to control the power or to know when and how to apply what... That will be far more interesting than adding a limit to his power... Add a limit to his mind and his situation...

He can't run that fast without creating such winds that are ridiculous.. On space he could/should fly at the speed of light, but where there is atmosphere he shouldn't. They should you the Physical Earth limitations to his powers, not because he doesn't have them, but because he can't use them like that... The struggle of his power is what will make an limitless superman so limited.

For instance... he can't change the earth's orbit as his power should be relative to the earth, but lifting anything from the earth could be to a point limitless just by laws of physics. Imagine moving something with the mass of superman at the speed of light... air would just move in such a different direction.. Weather changes, etc. So he has to be mindful of that in order to keep it "real" or "limited".

I would also love to see superman training and actively practicing the use of his powers...

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