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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

I have to say that TDKR doesnt hold to repeat viewings as much as BB and TDK, I have watched it 3 times now on BD and 1st enjoyed it just as much as the cinema, but my enjoyment has gotten less and less with each viewing, and this didnt happen with BB and TDK, in fact both just got better.

I dont know what it is, the performances are superb, and whats happens to the characters within the story feels natural, but there is just something, off about it. The 3rd act or 'war' if you wanna call it that, seems to go by FAR too quickly, were as everything between Bane breaking Batman and him coming back seems to drag on a bit too much. I think a lot of the 2nd act could have been shortened and more fat added to the 3rd act, which it needed IMO. I still dont like the 8 year gap in movie-time either, I just cant see Bruce quitting like that even with Rachel's death, in fact I think he would just lose himself in Batman more and more.

I still like the movie, I just dont like it as much as I did in the cinema, I do feel the last 10 mins elevates the movie a lot as the way everything is wrapped up is superb. But overall, while still a very good movie, it is slowly becoming my least favourite of the trilogy. I will watch the movie again of course, and I intend to watch all 3 back-to-back very soon as after Xmas I am off work for 3 months, so maybe that'll change my perception.

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