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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
Hopefully! I bought a ticket for the play, but that was easy...the difficult part is, well, the whole rest.

I'm excited for WttP. The script was chosen as on of the best unfilmed British scripts in 2011, and critics praised a lot Eran's last film, the really low-budget "Shifty". Knowing James, I know how he chooses his scripts carefully, so I expect characterization and an interesting story, not only bullets flying around.

Hmmm...maybe, but I think that the blue tint is an interesting stylistic choice - "Neon noir", as Eran calls it. I bet it'll look beautiful on the big screen. I'm really curious to see how it'll work.

And, yeah, it's been toooooooo long since James' last film!
He may just have wanted a fun action movie too though. Don't forget, he was in Wanted, which pretty much was just bullets flying around (or, shall we say, curving around? yuk yuk). I know very little about acting as a career but I would think it'd be nice to occasionally do something fun like an action movie, kind of taking a break from the more intense roles.

Still not sold on the blue. I don't know There's something very clinical looking about it, but I think it was purposely used to make the audience uncomfortable and therefore be dubious of whatever they're seeing onscreen (from what I gleaned from the trailer, there's someone they're after, who's bad! But actually not bad! But could be bad! dun dun dunnn). I just find it such a lazy way to set that atmosphere and tension. The acting alone should be able to create that, or the music. If that's what they're going for.

There's also something... less gritty about the blue, if that makes sense? It gives it a sci-fi look which means that violence/fight scenes in this movie will have a bit of a "lifted" surreal feel. Like JM's character will wake up and it was all a dream or something. Honestly if this was tinted like a normal movie I would be interested but I just can't get past the tint.

I haven't seen Shifty (not my kind of movie at all) but I looked it up on RT and while reviews were fairly positive, the overall rating was "just ok" from critics and audiences alike. Sadly, a solid script does not a ensure a good movie. Just as, hopefully, like in DOFP, a bad script won't necessarily lead to a bad movie (seriously who the hell hired Kinberg with his track record).

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