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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
He could've been just using an example from the comics, but I *hope* Joss slipped up a bit here by saying "Giant-Man" instead of "Ant-Man." I hope to hell Pym shows up in the Avengers as Giant-Man and Lang is Ant-Man....I really, really would rather that Hank be giant-sized in the MCU. He has historically been giant-sized for far, far, far longer than ant-sized.

Also in that article, Joss posed a teaser about somebody who was *supposed* to be a villain for the team "to whale on" in addition to Loki, and he refuses to name names because Marvel indicates that they may use him later. Obviously not talking about Thanos --- there'd be no need for secrecy about that, since the cosmic cat is already out of the bag --- so feel free to speculate away.
My first thought was that the second villain might have been Red Skull. His ascension in CA:TFA to Odin-knows-where in the Nine Realms very well could have been a plot point conveniently placed by Whedon when he tweaked the script. Skull's connection to the Cube and to Earth would have been a very believable reason why Loki's attention would be on Earth in the first place. Plus, it would have opened things up nicely for Schmidt to return for CA:TWS (which could still happen).

But Whedon comments further in that interview that he scrapped the second villain because Marvel "didn't want to add mythology," which makes me think maybe it wasn't the Red Skull after all.

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