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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Comments that Hiddleston made in the interview regarding Loki:

"Unloved and undervalued. . .You're placed within a family that runs the universe, and yet you don't belong anywhere near that family in actual fact."

I agree that Loki certainly feels that way in the middle and end of Thor1 (and in The Avengers). I don't think his family thought he didn't belong. (I can see a greater value placed on Thor's fighting ability than on Loki's magic use, though). Certainly it will be interesting to see how each family member feels in the next film. My guess is that all the relationships will be strained and fundamentally changed. No one can ignore what Loki did (though Loki may try), though I can believe that they would want him to find some peace so he can pay his debt and turn his life around.
yeah I actually disagree with him a bit on that, I think that's how Loki feels but not necessarily totally the truth of it (which I don't think he means anyway). As I've said there are lines that point to him being a undervalued and underestimated in the beginning, and of course he was lied to (for instance deleted scene where Thor makes fun of Loki's magic, and the servant snickers). But I think his family did love him and did what they could to help him belong and Odin and Frigga were not bad parents per se... As has been posted somewhere in the Hiddleston Fandom - "Tom Hiddleston, more Loki Feels than you since 1981" LOL... He talks a lot about feeling compassion for the character, or he can't play it truthfully, and I think that's what goes into some of what he says in his interviews, he's got to be in that characters head and be compassionate to what he feels to play him truthfully. However, certainly if you asked Tony if Odin loved Loki, I'm sure he'd say he did, same with Renee/Frigga, and Chris/Thor.

one big change will be I'm betting none of them are undervaluing or underestimating his power now.

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