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Default Re: The Secret Identity Question

We may not yet know how all the pieces align, but we do know we'll see Clark with glasses, at the Daily Planet, at some point in the film. Unlike Superman: The Movie, which just had him suddenly become Clark Kent the Disguise without any real motivation, this film will be a journey that (likely) ends with Clark deciding to live as two different public personae. It will be a payoff to the dilemma he will face about using his powers responsibly, for the benefit of humanity, while not sacrificing his own freedom and security to the fear, hostility, and exploitation of a few.

As far as the logic behind the believability of the secret identity, I think it's going to be just about as simple as the explanation that everyone knows Superman is an alien, and no one, no one would think that he would have anything in common with a quiet, shy nobody reporter with bad eyesight. Like Birthright explained, as long as he maintains a low profile, no one will suspect a super-powered demigod to be walking among them.

Lois, on the other hand... I'm not so sure she'll be fooled.

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