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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
one big change will be I'm betting none of them are undervaluing or underestimating his power now.
They certainly will take his power seriously. The missed opportunity from before the events of Thor1 was to treat positive use of magic as a success equal to that of positive use of fighting ability, so that Loki as a child could have learned to value the abilities he has, instead of fruitlessly trying to be Thor.

With all that's happened, it may not be possible to regard Loki's abilities so unreservedly going forward. I have the impression that is a theme from the kid Loki arc: even though this Loki is starting over at an age where he might yet turn a different way, he can't come out from under the weight of his past and his fellow Asgardians' expectations of him. The implication was that he was going to wind up the same as he always had; it was fate. I haven't read this arc, so I don't know if it actually worked out that way. But it strikes me as an interesting idea. So maybe they will examine it in this film: is Loki's fate locked in at this point, even if he has a change of heart?

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