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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Dont show me Deathstroke scans,I have read that entire series.He's one of my favorite characters,the only reason people remember that arc is cause Slade beat Batman the rest of the story is forgettable and meaningless,certainly not movie adaptation worthy.
Rises was hardly an adaptation of Knightfall, just like Begins was hardly an adaptation of The Man Who Falls and The Dark Knight was hardly an adaptation of The Long Halloween. They take cues from them and adapt situations, not the entirety of the story.

Batman and Slade have no conflict or history.And what exactly would Slade have been in Rises? a mercenary? check we got that with Bane.
Slade could have filled that role.

Doomsday had no personality or depth when he was introduced,he killed Superman by in an all out brawl,Bane got a solid origin story in Vengeance of Bane.
Doomsday got his origin story in Hunter/Prey. In both of their "showcase" stories both villains show little depth, Doomsday obviously moreso since he cannot communicate.

Prometheus was created years after Bane,so how exactly is Bane a poor man's version of him? Bane's creators mentioned Doc Savage as an inspiration.
I don't mean that Prometheus came before, I mean that Prometheus is better.

Yeah I've read all those stories,each have a completely different version of the Riddler,one second he's a criminal mastermind who deduced Batman's secret,then he's a PI who forgot,then he's a demon worshipper etc.Only Riddle me That is a proper Riddler story,Dark Knight Dark City is one my all time favorite Batman stories but if I wanted a Batman story on cults,Barbatos,demon worship I'd rather go for Morrisons Batman.Hush was a lame Jeph flippin Loeb story where characters pop in at random and are poorly handled.That story had Batman going through Knightfall all over again only for Riddler to pop in at the end and reveal himself as the "TEH mastermind".Even an idiot can write a story like that,Hush was by all accounts poorly written.Hush himself was a dismal character,the writer had no grip on most of the characters(in typical Loeb fashion we got dozens of well known characters running around),it did nothing for the Riddler aside from him deducing Batman's secret ID(and by his own admission he needed the Lazarus pits along with years of experience fighting Batman something which Bane didn't) and then it didn't last long for writers to ignore that remove that development either.
I originally typed out a big response concerning Riddler's sometimes seemingly fluid personality, and how it is the same for all characters. But you only really need to do one. Joker. Just look at Joker, he is new every story he is in.

Black Mask is at his core just a sadistic criminal with a torture fetish and an empire,just like Skull but Skull is that and a LOT more
Focusing on just broad characteristics makes every character seem the same. Those same attributes apply to Joker, as well as Professor Pyg, Penguin etc.

Bane is nothing like Spawn.
Bane copied his mask.

Read the "Bane" one shot.It screams TDKR.
The '97 one? If so, I don't particularly care for it.

I already addressed the stupidity that was Hush,it was'nt just Ra's who was outsmarted but also the Joker,so yeah lets digest the sheer stupidity of that.
Every character has stupid stories, don't focus on the disjointed narrative, because that wouldn't make it into the film if it were a well told story. Focus on the broad points and situation. Hush could have been used as a substitute story and worked perfectly following The Dark Knight.

Even Snyder's Lincoln March had more panel time before he was revealed as the final villain.
The fact that you in one post acknowledged the sublime story telling of Grant Morrison and piss poor story telling of Scott Snyder has made me not want to argue any further

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