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Originally Posted by georgec View Post
My ideal Dexter ending would be Deb killing Dexter. Then, we get a first person view of the Dark Passenger, revealed to be a demon spirit like in the books, leaving Dexter's body. It floats around for awhile, examining prospective vessels, until focusing on one particular person whom we can't yet identify. The spirit moves closer, honing in on the new killer-to-be. A rapid flurry of colors washes away everything until it's all white.

Then, we see Masuka working diligently at his desk. He jitters for a moment, looks around, then goes back to work. The camera slowly zooms in on his face. When we have a full close-up, Masuka slowly turns his head to look directly at us. A subtle grin begins to form on his face. After a beat or two, Masuka lets out his patented creepy laugh, and a quick cut to black.

Interesting, I had no idea the books are like that, but in all honestly, I highly doubt we're gonna see something supernatural in the TV show, just my 2 cents.

Btw, the spirit could very well enter Deb! So we'll get a new serial killer TV show after season 8, called "Debra"!

Originally Posted by Cory View Post
I still can't get over LaGuerta... "Put him down!"

so awesome
In a way, I kinda liked that part as well, the whole ending was quite epic tbh.

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There's too much Doakes in this thread.
No way, there is NOT ENOUGH Doakes!!!!

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