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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
and he's really trying to be Thor and Odin in Avengers, by starting a war and getting into power that way. The Other says "you will have your war", indicating that was a part of the bargain. That is what father and big brother did to become respected so that's what he'll do now.... at least subconsciously I think that is one of the many elements going on in his head there. Thor starts wars and gets father's forgiveness and love anyway, Loki feels he tried to stop a war with the frost giants before it begins and he gets cast aside and exiled (in his head). So now "There is only the war."

I haven't read that all either, numerous panels though and I do know the ending... JIM ending spoilers below if interested...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
So basically it ends with Kid Loki being taken over by old Loki who has been orchestrating things all along. Before this take over, Kid Loki says something like "never forget, I won I changed" and then old Loki takes over him and it appears KidLoki is now evil going into Young Avengers. So it is a confusing and somewhat depressing ending. However I think that this is all part of an eventual redemption arc, where the person who KidLoki had become and "won", will return, and win out over old Loki. At least the optimist in me is thinking that. LOL Only time will tell but I have a strong feeling from what I've seen of that comic, that's what they will eventually get to, eventually... And I think that chance of redemption and the possible return of who Kid Loki had become, is what will keep people reading. I'd be interested in what people who had read the whole thing, think about the chances of that. Storytelling-wise it seems too interesting not to come back to, and would give old Loki, now Kid Loki, an interesting inner struggle.

in regards to MCU Loki, I don't think they will feel that he is locked into anything yet. If they do a previous Ragnarok, or if Odin knows Loki is predestined to cause it, then it would seem that Odin felt that could be changed by raising him. Certainly the rest of his family and friends don't know about that or they'd have treated him far differently. And again, I think for 1000 years he acted a certain way, then snapped and changed, Thor acted a certain way for 1000 years and yet a few days on Earth changed that. So certainly Loki should not be considered to be permanently locked into his current mindset or fate.
Of course that's where Loki messed up. Odin goes to war cause he had to, to save mankind. Thor, just wanted an excuse to bash some frost giant skulls in :P

and I actually love the idea of loki in prophecy being the one to trigger ragnarok. Perhaps it will be Loki that forms an allience with surtur, opposed to malekith. Then loki realizes what he's done, and helps stop him. (this not being thor 2, just..some future of the thor franchise)

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