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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by MichaelChen View Post
I don't know about movie Mandarin, but comic Mandarin is a social darwinian and the enemy of civilization. He wants anarchy because that allows to the strong to thrive and the weak to perish.

He wants anarchy but he's not remotely an anarchist in the political sense of the word. Political anarchists believe that anarchy would bring peace and harmony.

The Mandarin knows that anarchy would create a Mad Max world of violance, and he loves that. He's a social darwinian who wants anarchy to promote his social darwinian agenda. He's not a true anarchist in the political/idealist sense.
I'm thinking it's still along those lines but there's a propaganda element to how Mandarin leads and that's why he does most of the talking. He doesn't really want political anarchy but that's how he deceives China and America through the news. It makes it so he's neither capitalist or communist, he's from neither country or political ideology.
He tells the world certain things during his lessons through the news networks... Almost reciting a story and referring to each ring and what they symbolize as a way to try to manipulate the public... explaining why he attacked Stark, and why he's not a terrorist. But he has much bigger plans in mind than actually letting the world rule itself. AIM is secretly modern day Hydra(not fully revealed until CA2), and after Stark cut the funding it's funded by a wealthy Baron who hates Shield just as much as the Mandarin. The AI defense network AIM wants to set up to protect the world is actually Ultron. In my theory Pym and Janet have worked for AIM in the past, back in the 80's, and AIM continued the Ultron research after a mishap occurred that will be explained fully in the Ant Man movie. Whedon is teasing about his very Waspy draft of Avengers and a second Villain they wanted to use. It's basically only pretending to be in Mandarin's control and the AI he taps into wants Mandarin's plans to succeed because it benefits the AI. Now the plan may be for Pym, Janet and Ultron to be included in Avengers 2... Ultron uses Vision in that movie before he turns good... So in each movie we see a different form of Ultron. In Ant Man during the 80's he has his original body, but something that happened then turned Ultron into what he is now. He exists without a body and mainly battles with Jarvis in this movie, who in a way, turns the Vision good eventually to help in the battle against Thanos. Because Jarvis has already built up a resistance against Ultron when he returns in that movie. After IM3 Ultron becomes a recurring problem, because he'll return again in Avengers 3. So we meet him a number of times in various forms.

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