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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Good answer. I'd go Mystique as well because it's the original trilogy version (Romijn) if it was the First Class version (Lawrence) I'd vote Riptide. But yeah Mystique all the way!
Yeah, Agreed. FC Raven wouldnt do to well haha.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
This is tough.

Even if Mystique is smart, deceptive and stealthy, how would she survive Riptide's whirlwinds?

I'm going with Riptide.
I dont think he would have time to hit her cause he wouldnt know who hes fighting. And even if he had a sec I think hed be screwed. Look at how Havok took him out.

Maybe if he completely caught her off guard, had a good amount of time and she had nowhere to run. But in most scenarios I think Mystique would shape shift and stealth win. Hes def more damaging in terms of mutant ability, and if she did get hit your right she is toast.

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