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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Heath's Joker would wait in the passenger's seat of a truck and if a cop happened to arrive, without hesitation he would shoot the cops head off. Then he would proceed to go ahead with what he was doing, and if need be, he would change the plan on the fly. Joker had basic ideas but he also improvised quite a lot. Do things in the moment then alter a plan if he had to. Joker thinks on his feet.

I guess Riddler is not as chaotic of a killer. While Joker is messy, Riddler is meticulous. Obsessively so. I can see the character going to the barber every couple of weeks and maintaining a neat appearance. And to the point: I can see him only killing a person if he could throw in a challenging riddle/puzzle/game while doing it. He would probably prefer to NOT kill anyhow. He's more about the puzzle of a crime.

Joker was going to blow up the ferries anyway, he just wanted to prove his point first. I think Riddler would have just walked away after that situation.

So i do think they are different but it was an incredibly good decision to NOT use Riddler directly after Joker. They are psychological villains without that physical threat. The games we saw in TDK is another reason why it was smart to follow it up with Bane. But i would not object to a Nygma vs Blake story (graphic novel, animated or live-action). Meaning, they could bring the character into Nolans universe and do him different from Joker....just right after Joker would have been a stupid move.

I still stand by the fact that Nolans Riddler and Joker, one after the other, could have been dumb because there's plenty of similarities. But i can now say that when i thought about it...there's also a heck of a lot of differences where they can at least co-exist as long as there's a distance between movies/stories & even directors. Maybe that's why it was best for Burton to never tackle Riddler or Schumacher to never tackle Joker. Because the same director or writing team could possibly repeat things. This is why the reboot needs to use Edward and distance themselves from the J-Man, at least until the franchise continues Bond style through re-casts and new filmmakers.

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