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Default Re: id like to see the nolan verse return as a comic/straight to dvd animation

Originally Posted by Crewman#6 View Post
That wasn't an answer, I don't care what anyone says, all he said was no. How about explaining your answer in more than no, don't bother. Come on, that's just being a batdick. Why not add somthing to this thread than that ****ing troll. Go ahead and threatening me with the mod will do, I don't care, I really thought this site would be different it seemed better than others. No one can discuss anything anymore. Anything I've said will go over your head, I don't care if you are for or against something at least have a constructive answer. but whatever
Not with you around. Apparently you have a problem with people disagreeing with you. That shows a lack of maturity, as do these last couple of posts. OP doesn't seem to have a problem with me, you're the only one.

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