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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

I think it's important to ditch the origin. Like it's been said millions of times already, if they are gonna do it, do it in flashbacks. Jump right into him being Batman, maybe for a few years already. He has been taking out low level crime but now it's time for him to deal with something bigger. The first movie could be Freeze, with an underlying workings of Black Mask. Think of Mask as a mob boss type, taking the Falcone roll. In the end he defeats Freeze and meets a boy who idolizes him and hopes to help him, Robin. After finishing off Freeze and with the help of Robin Batman begins plans to take out Black Mask.

In movie 2, Batman captures Maks at the beginning, a year later. Robin is now a badass apprentice who can kick ass. (Think AC Robin) Gordon tells the two about a string of killings involving a man leaving various clues. Batman then pursues the Riddler for the first half of the film. While he is preoccupied with the Riddler he sends Robin to investigate mob killings which end up being the doings of the Penguin, who has taken over after Black Masks apprehension. The Riddler's clues lead Batman to question an inmate at Arkham. He arrives there and is briefed about the patient by Dr. Harlene Quinzel. He enters the room and has a 10 minute interaction with an albino with dark green hair, who can't stop laughing throughout the meeting. From here on out let Robin take out the Penguin, proving his worth, and have Batman apprehend the Riddler in an ultimate finale. As the movie begins to culminate, have a clip of Harlene Quinzel looking nervous and unlocking a solitary confinement cell. We see a man in the shadows begin to rise and slowly start laughing maniacally.

3rd movie, pretty much Death in the Family. Joker kills robin. Harley Quinn is in it. Could be really badass.

That's all.

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