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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by marvel_freshman View Post
Seems Marvel were considering T.I. for a role, but he had to decline due to scheduling. I can't imagine the role, but it would have been cool having him there.
My guess would be Jack Taggert, aka Firepower. In the comics, Taggert was black. In the movies, he's played by Ashley Hamilton, a white guy. ("RACISM IN MARVEL STUDIOS! OMG!!! " to counter all the whiners about casting black actors for Nick Fury and Heimdall)

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
How do you guys think AIM will translate into phase 2? Thinking it will appear in cap too because it has a ww2 connection
I'm sure AIM will become "regulars" in the MCU. I'm not sure they have a "WW2 connection," though. In IM3, Advanced Idea Mechanics appears to be some sort of tech company instead of the canonical "Mad Scientists' Social Club" from the comics. I'm sure IM3's AIM is a front for Ten Rings and/or other nasty organizations, but they're probably a fairly recent start-up.


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