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Default Re: Official 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

Originally Posted by ShredderX View Post
What's so crazy is, in Mirage TMNT Mikey was the second best fighter next to Leo because he had more natural skill and used his enviroment in creative ways to aide him in battle. Ralph had more raw energy, Leo was better skilled, and Don was a borderline pacifist. I do get why Mike is closer to Nick's Leatherhead as oppose to Don's friendship with him in 4kids. But I always liked Leatherhead as a villian as opposed to ally, thats why Fred Wolf's Leatherhead will always be my favorite version.
Mikey is often shown as able to best Raph in battle. He's shown it in the 2003 cartoon and I think the third episode of the 2012. I think that's fair. It makes sense with what you said. He is more fluid and less emotional about his strikes. Like Aang against a firebender. ^_^ if you wanna cross contaminate nerdiness.

Not to mention, if you take away Raph or Leo's power in battle they have few saving graces. Raph is a jerk and Leo is uptight. Mikey helps to keep the team together, light hearted and compassionate. And as another poster said, he's the wildcard. He can drastically change the tide of battle in one direction or another. Watch the fight vs. Shredder again. He does some serious damage, but also almost dies. D:

EDIT: I was thinking of the battle v. Donnie in the 2012 show. Where he does backflips. My bad. Anyway, I do think Mikey could take Leo or Raph on an odd occasion. Like I mentioned about being a wildcard. I think that's part of the fun with Mikey. He is crazy. Playing "keep away" with April's cell phone, or the water balloon vs. DogPound. That kind of stuff is what makes him an asset to the team. haha.

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