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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
What have you read that suggests this? Comments in this thread or quotes from the writers of CA:TWS? Marvel has a very good history of adapting its characters plausibly to the film universe. The Falcon will doubtless get the MCU treatment and be as believable to the audience when flying as Iron Man and Thor. There is no plausible reason why either of those characters can fly (no, magic is not a plausible reason), yet everyone accepts them with no problem. Falcon's powers will be fine.

As proof that Falcon being carried aloft 10-foot wings is plausible, I present this video of a golden eagle carrying off a young child.* The bird dropped the baby, but not before lifting off with him and flying several feet. Falcon's wings don't flap like a bird's, but imagine a compact, stylized variation on a hang glider rig with a jetpack for lift. It could definitely work. (Don't watch if ornithophobic!)

* Yes, I'm kidding. Mostly.
a glider with jetpacks, again, is obsolete. we already know the tech for battlesuits is available beyond just stark, so nobody's gonna be impressed with that. flappable wings is fine, but it will require some next-level **** as well as biomechanical implants and/or a pseudo-serum of some kind. and yes, there has been some news on this. check the interwebs.

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