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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by NJCaliboi View Post
I thought I remember hearing Bryan saying something about Storm being one of his least favorites from when he was younger back when he used to read x-men. From a directors perspective I would think Storm would be a dream come true- just imagine all the weather effects one could do. But if what I heard is true he might just opt to leave Storm out this time around.

I'm rooting for Anna, January, and Halle (although she should've never been cast IMO), but if I was a betting man I'd guess Famke.
He did say that during the interviews for X Men, basically that he was forced to put her in..maybe that was one of the reasons he did not get along with Halle and gave her such bad direction...cause we have to be honest that the character was not very well treated until the last stand...

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