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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Hmarrs View Post
Its easy go the route of Dr.Octopus in Spiderman two.
The Arms in that movie were invented more out of neccesity for him to
do his experiments so after that there was no real need for explaination.

Have him as a scientist working with nano bots and what not and working on
the ability of making things smaller for experimental purposes you can even have him experimenting with insects(Ants)and trying to use them and control them for experimenatl purposes on nano bots or as an alternative to nanobots.

He decided to use Ants because of their work ethics and the ability to carry loads and such.Thus winning him the name of Ant-Man from his peers.Until things backfire and he becomes small and have this tremdous action scene of the Ants trying to attack him him.
He then grows large again and this time use the device he has been using to control them.
In other words don't just come out with the whole Super hero purpose to begin with.
Take Ironman 1 for instance he was always able to create the outfit but it wasn't until he had to that he did.then afterwards he just improved on it.

Same thing here.
Isn't that pretty much the comic origin of Ant-Man with the early Tales to Astonish #27 story "The Man in the Ant Hill"? He was just a regular guy who shrunk down and had ants and bees chasing him. This was before Henry Pym even became Ant-Man but was a science fiction comic story that predated any of his identities.

BTW I do think that Wright should go for Pym. His origin story is just as interesting as Scott Lang's. Pym has so much more history to him, and as a result of A:EMH probably more people know Pym as Ant-Man than Scott Lang (even though they did that "To Steal an Ant-Man" episode). That was one show out of the whole series and where for the majority, Pym was the lead character. Lang was just a guest appearance really.

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