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Default Rogue or Kitty?

First attempt at a thread bare with me, if it's too irrelevant feel free to delete it! It's in my opinion that either Rogue or Kitty need to be in the future scenes with Wolverine (at least). Kitty would be closer to the comics obviously but without the mind-traveling, it wouldn't be 100% accurate anyway. I would love to see Ellen Page return and given something with substance, I think Singer could really direct her well. On the other hand, Rogue is somewhat of the "Kitty-esq" character of the movie-series and we've been emotionally invested in her story which kind of fizzled out. As well as the fact that she and Wolverine have the relationship like that of he and Kitty in the comics. If there's a third option you think is better, do tell! So... poll time.

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