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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Englishman View Post
Because they have ****ed over Cyclops and are slowly making Wolverine the all out leader of the X-Men and Cyclops isn't even my favorite character!!
True statement. But again, thats not the characters fault. Cyclops, unlike Wolverine, had gotten stale. This was a big change for him, but one I think that was needed. He had to grow or change.....Wolverine doesnt have to. I feel that Storm and Wolverine will take the leadership role now, and I am fine with that. Cyclops is going to lead his team, and this gives us two groups of X-Men to read about.

Issue #4 was amazing. I am really onboard with what Bendis is doing, and the Jean Grey/Cyclops dynamic is just very well written. Outstanding read.

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