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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Hush is overrated by a lot of people around here. Not only does he rely on supporting characters but he himself was never original. He always seemed like a knock-off of a few different Batman rogues over the years, in appearance and characterization. He has a cool name and look most of the time but it doesnt mean it's original. I also think it's extremely weak to suddenly tie him into Bruce's origins like 60 + years into the characters history. It always feels lazy to me when this happens. Even though i like Black Mask a hell of a lot more than Hush, and he debuted close to 20 years prior, it was another thing that i was never comfortable with. Suddenly he knew Bruce growing up, and so did his parents etc. I dont buy into that stuff. If Nolan ever used these two characters for a sequel, they would have needed to be at least referenced in Batman Begins for me to believe it. Or write Roman Sionis in a different way. The reboot will work no matter what because the origin of that universe will probably be open. But there's still something that feels off about it for me.

I dont really see the Spawn, Bane mask thing. Maybe a little bit, but didn't Spawn arrive a year prior to Bane in the comics?? It feels almost impossible that there would be a link. They were probably writing and conceptualizing Bane right before Spawns debut or at the same time.

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