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Default Re: Rogue or Kitty?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
the phychic travel isnt needed at all.

The key is to time travel, whatever the form is.

So my choice is Kitty, definetly. For many reasons, but the main ones:

1. She is the star of the storyarc, so deserves to be on this sequel
2. Rogue has had a decent presence on the trilogy, but Kitty only had a decent role on X3
3. Kitty working with the 60's x-men would be really cool, and will bring a very useful power.
I think it would be cool to have Kitty (Page) interacting with the 60s environment... But I'd personally like an Xavier mind swap. I would still open the movie with either Rogue or Kitty in desolate NYC escaping Sentinels and meeting up with Wolverine...

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