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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

With Zimmer's batman scores especially with TDKR it's too much of the same. A lot of TDKR music is rehashed from BB and TDK, which is typical MV/RC droning anyway. Plus the score's sound mix was too loud in certain scenes (just like the sound mix of Zimmer's Inception score) where it didn't need to be.

Funny you should say that Morricone should score the next Batman franchise, b/c I always believed he'd do wonders for the Nolan trilogy. Especially after being unimpressed with what Zimmer and Howard had to offer with BB. Morricone knows how to score crime drama's like The Untouchables, Once Upon A Time In America, Bugsy, etc. Though I haven't seen the majority of his 500+ films Morricone's a living legend who can score any genre, imo. It's a shame that he's never won an oscar except an honorary one back in '07'. At least they honored his contribution to film music as a whole.

Another thing we have to face reality the man is 84 years old and mostly writes concert pieces and scores foreign films. He has as much of chance to score a Batman movie as Williams does scoring MOS. I do hope whenever the reboot happens that TPTB get a more capable composer and not another MV/RC type of score.

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