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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by betonvomxli View Post
He did say that during the interviews for X Men, basically that he was forced to put her in..maybe that was one of the reasons he did not get along with Halle and gave her such bad direction...cause we have to be honest that the character was not very well treated until the last stand...
Well its clear that he's not the only one who has a say who will be in the movie. If Lauren Shuler Donner wants Storm to be in the movie, she will be in the movie.

And not bringing Storm back would be a waste opportunity. She didn't die and she didn't lose her powers in the previous movies. If they are battling Sentinels, she has to be there because she is the one of the strongest members of the X-Men team. During her fight scenes in the original trilogy, she always won. So they should really include her in the movie.

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