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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Fox never sold First Class as reboot.First Class was sold as telling the past of Xavier and Magneto.Never once on DVD/Blu-ray does anyone call It a reboot.

For now X-Men remains one of longest running film franchises.And this consent rebooting that Is being done Is getting tiring.

While eventully Fox will reboot X-Men why are anyone here In a rush for that to happen.A X-Men reboot may not even have Jean Grey.And I guarante you Wolverine would be
major character In reboot.
The reason why people think First Class was a reboot is because of Matthew Vaughn. I've seen a couple of interviews from him where he mentioned First Class as a reboot and its kinda annoying.

I think the reason for "rush for a reboot" is people want to see new faces, they want things to look fresh and new. For the producers/writers, its probably more interesting to them to just start over and start from scratch plus after a couple of movies, they just want to move on with something new.

In my opinion, a reboot should happen to a movie series if that movie series already released 5 to 9 movies. If the cast is already too old. If the quality of the movie keeps declining. If the movie has nothing to go to. If the last movie already happened more than 10 to 15 years. If it was up to me, there would be a sequel to Spider-Man 3 and Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer. Movies take a long time to make. Sometimes you have to wait 6 years, just to see 3 movies from 1 movie series and after that they'll just reboot it or make spin-offs. I already said this before, I think FOX should just have continued with X-Men 4 after x3 instead of making spin-off movies but I'm still happy that they haven't reboot this movie series yet. They could still make 6 more movies to the original movie series. There are so many stories to adapt and characters to introduce.

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