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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Though personally, I've always liked it when they display Wolverine's healing power more the way it was in teh 70's and 80's, where he could heal very fast, but if he got shot too much, he could die. No healing back from a skeleton or things like that. The X-films have pretty much kept that level of healing for Wolverine, which I liked. I liked seeing that a bullet point blank to the head knocked him out for a minute.
I don't like weak-healing Wolvie
I'm not saying his skeleton should walk around without skin and muscles
But I definitely love seeing him take bullets while fighting a bunch of ninjas and not breakin a sweat about it.
And for the record, I absolutely hate that Hulk is a better healer than Logan.
Like, really? that mofo ain't powerful enough as it is?? Had to give him that power too??
I know it's nothing new, but it seems like everybody in the MU heals faster than logan these days...

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